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Goals & Demands

The Goals and Demands of BBE in Brief

  • Compatibility of social welfare reform programmes and actions with civic involvement
  • Improvement of the general conditions for civic involvement
  • Strengthening of the local civil society
  • Support of local alliances
  • Stabilization and expansion of the infrastructures for community promotion of civic involvement
  • Further development of the promotion of civic involvement by the German states
  • Reform of public administration, opening it up to civic involvement
  • Opening of all organizations and institutions to participation and civic activity
  • Further development of the qualification and education for civic involvement
  • Further development of volunteer service
  • Expansion and further development of the corporate citizenship of companies
  • Promotion of the civic involvement of migrants
  • Development of a culture of recognition for civic involvement
  • Strengthening of the European civil society

Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BBE)
Michaelkirchstr. 17 – 18 · 10179 Berlin
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